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No posters for this anywhere in NYC! Just criminally shitty distribution and marketing done Stateside for this enchanting, important, creative, visual, intelligent and beautifully acted film. Go see Gilliam’s best reviewed film in a long time and if it’s not screening near you iTunes it or On Demand it TODAY!

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    The James Glickenhaus Special

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    AMD Podcast

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    The After Movie Diner

An exciting, jam-packed extravaganza of an episode this week. We have none other than the 80s NYC based, Action Auteur himself James Glickenhaus on the show! I talk to him about movie making, shooting in NYC, writing, stunts and the future!

Then I speak with Dr.Action, Doc Paul Crowson, all about the Glickenhaus film-making legacy, the movies The Exterminator, The Protector, McBain and Shakedown and about other great NYC film-makers of the era. Add to that comedy and music and you have an insanely fun episode!


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